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Support Children with SEL

Are you ready to bring social-emotional learning (SEL) to your school communities? We’re here to help! Whether your district is expanding its SEL implementation or just getting started, our Second Step® family of SEL programs provides a variety of supports for your students and staff. In a free consultation, we can tell you about:

  • Planning and implementation ideas, including how to support educators and engage families
  • Program and budget options, available discounts, and grant opportunities
  • How to set up a free trial of the Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School digital programs or Second Step® SEL for Adults

A Global Leader in SEL

Second Step® programs are used in all 50 US states, and every year they reach 24.4 million children around the world.

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If you’re seeking technical help or information for your school instead of a district consultation, please visit our Contact page.

Build Positive School Communities

Research-based Second Step programs combine classroom SEL for Early Learning through Grade 8 with offerings for out-of-school time and SEL for adults. The programs are designed to help students learn how to cope with challenges, create positive relationships, work together to solve problems, and manage strong emotions. These social-emotional skills help students succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives.